What's Next?


Our next project is below the following paragraph.

Please read and understand this paragraph before getting wrapped around the axle about the next thing we are doing. Next means just what the definition is: something coming after what has already come. We don't say when and we reserve the right to change or drop the project as it develops. If you see a project on this page not make it to the Products page it means it was shelved and is not the next project in the pipeline. Many factors can effect a situation where a project might be shelved, we don't pretend to foresee them all. The bottom line is if you are so upset that we did not come out with the product in the 'What's Next?' you can do one of two things: make it yourself or pound sand. Now for what's next...

1. We are currently working on another project for the ACR. This may change the way many look at the ACR in terms of modularity and will be a significant project so be patient.

2. We are also working on yet another project for the ACR. This project should give some relief to those out there that are playing with the gas system on the ACR.