Argonauts ReInc. ?

The Argonauts ReIncorporated is a group of people that have previous experience at the 'Tip of the Spear' of the United States Military. They also have a desire to give back to the others that are still out on the pointy end of things and the tactical industry. Like the Argonauts in Greek legends, each Argonaut brings something unique to the group and is a 'subject matter expert' but each Argonaut is also expected to be able to complete the other aspects of the job on a daily basis. This builds a company of individuals that have the experience to know what they want to do, how to do it, and have the determination to get it done with the benefit of tapping into the power of the team when the need arises. The products we produce are top notch because we will accept no less for our brothers that are still out there serving.
If you invest in our products you will find that we spend a minimum on advertising, fancy packaging, and a really cool website. Every product has to factor in advertising, packaging, and other overhead into the per unit price. That cost typically gets passed along to the consumer. We want the product to cost the least amount possible to the end user, which happens to give them the most value as well. We consider our customers our best advertising because we know they will be pleased with what they purchased, if not we will work with them until it is right. As far as packaging is concerned, we think that our products are better contained within or on the firearms and gear they were built for rather than in a fancy box. A functional website is essential if a business wants to be successful right now but we don't see the value in anything much past what we have here. If you would like us to have an awesome website, advertising, or packaging please feel free to send it to us free of charge and we will consider using it, otherwise please understand that our resistance to increasing these expenses is our way of saving our customers money and increasing the value of our products.